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Exceptional teams stand apart. They operate on a higher level, characterised by trust, seamless collaboration, and unwavering commitment—an elixir for outstanding performance.

TRIBE teams

Team Assessment: TeamMARK Discover the essence of your team's strength with our ground-breaking online assessment tool, TeamMARK. Receive an in-depth profile of your team's TRIBE foundations. Ideal for benchmarking against other teams and tracking your future progress. TRIBE Offsites In just two days, harness the transformative potential of the TRIBE methodology to shape a team identity that ignites performance, resilience, passion, and pride. Perfect for jump-starting a profound change in your team dynamics. Combine it with pre- and post-offsite support & coaching for maximum impact. Elevate Your Team with Coaching Achieve peak team performance through our targeted coaching program, spanning 6-10 sessions. Inspire your team to breathe life into shared identity, collaborative prowess, and discipline. This progressive series delves into beliefs, attitudes, and expectations, shaping your TRIBE, refining processes, and boosting skills. Ideal for high-pressure teams in need of rapid, sustained transformation. Unlock the potential of your team today. Witness the power of a united TRIBE, driving your success forward.

Identity Leadership Unleashed

Experience the transformative power of identity leadership. Our training seamlessly integrates into comprehensive leadership development programs, guiding you on a journey from self-leadership to leading your team and organisation. Discover the crucial insight that effective leadership hinges on understanding followers' dynamics.

Facilitator training

Embark on a transformative journey with TRIBE facilitation training. Gain fresh insights into team dynamics, equipping you to facilitate profound and enduring change within individuals and teams, utilising the TRIBE methodology. This course centres on employing the Social identity Approach to illuminate group processes and systemic techniques inspired by Family Therapy, enabling you to identify and dismantle barriers that often hinder change. Perfect for professionals working with teams caught in a cycle of stagnation, marked by setbacks, conflicts, office politics, internal strife, cynicism, and resistance to change.

Sports team identity consultancy

Nowhere is the concept of team identity more vital than within the realm of sports teams. Great Britain has won just three Olympic and Paralympic gold medals in dynamic team sports, and we are proud to have been part of two of those victorious journeys. Contact us to find out how we collaborate with leaders, managers and coaches, at team, club and international levels, to cultivate team identities that not only propel performance to new heights, but also enhance resilience and overall well-being. We look forward to working with you.


TRIBE, developed from a 3-year partnership with the University of Sussex, emphasizes the power of shared identity in team dynamics. While many models focus on individual attributes, TRIBE delves into the team’s dynamic processes. Learn more.

TeamMARK is completed by team members and takes just 12 minutes. The report gives insights into the strength of TRIBE beliefs amongst team members and therefore allows development to focus on those areas that need most attention. In addition, it measures on the team’s collaborative capability, giving insights into organisational and process factors that might be affecting the team’s performance.

We ask teams to dedicate 2-days to their development. This can be as a single 2-day event or divided into smaller chunks. The structure is derived from TRIBE.

Opt for online or in-person sessions, each spanning 90 minutes. Success hinges on every team member’s active participation.

The robustly researched Identity Leadership approach pivots on cultivating mutual bonds between leaders and followers. By fostering shared beliefs, leaders create a sense of unity that propels lasting peak performance.

Absolutely. At its core, TRIBE recognizes humans as inherently social beings, making its principles universally applicable wherever collaboration is key.

This is a fundamental challenge for most senior leadership teams because leaders feel more psychologically attached to their departmental teams than the senior team. When working with TRIBE we talk about balancing the matrix so SLT members feel the same level of connectedness in the top team as they do in their home team.

Explore our case studies to see TRIBE’s transformative impact across various teams and sectors.