Unlock your potential as a facilitator with TRIBE

The Challenge of Team Facilitation

Facilitating a team is an art form that’s often undervalued and misunderstood. Many facilitators face the daunting task of meeting high managerial expectations, while engaging team members who may be sceptical about the real impact of team-building exercises. The pressure is immense, with every session being a performance that’s closely scrutinized, and the struggle to demonstrate tangible value can feel like an uphill battle. In a competitive market, it’s easy to feel like you’re constantly racing to the bottom with your fees.

The TRIBE Solution

TRIBE facilitator training turns this challenge on its head. Developed from the ground up with the support of the University of Sussex, TRIBE is the result of a meticulous quest for evidence-based strategies that genuinely enhance team performance. The culmination of a 3-year research program has yielded startling results: Teams with robust TRIBE scores outperform their counterparts by 53%.

Real-world Success Stories

Business Impact

More than 30 organisations across 30 countries have seen the transformative power of TRIBE, with a 100% repeat engagement rate.

Military Excellence

For over a decade, we’ve been the go-to for high-performance British military team training, including elite forces and security services.

Sports Triumphs

Our track record speaks for itself – every sports team that has adopted TRIBE has clinched a trophy that season, including the GB Wheelchair Rugby Team’s unexpected gold at the Tokyo Paralympics.

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Flower in bloom

The TRIBE Advantage

With TRIBE, you don’t just facilitate – you make a measurable difference. This is your chance to:

  • Elevate Your Impact: Go beyond entertainment; create sessions that leave a lasting mark on team dynamics and performance.
  • Boost Your Confidence: Arm yourself with a methodology that’s not just theoretical fluff – it’s proven to work in the trenches where it matters.
  • Deliver Real Value: Demonstrate unmistakable value to your clients, giving them every reason to see you as an investment, not an expense.
  • Command Higher Fees: When you offer a service that consistently delivers results, you set the standard – and the price.

Are You the Catalyst Teams Need?

This is for you if you:

  • Facilitate teams trapped in the quicksand of stagnation, where progress is a rare commodity.
  • Engage with groups caught in a loop of challenges that throttle their growth and success.
  • Mediate in environments where conflict and politics overshadow goals and collaboration.
  • Seek to disrupt harmful patterns of resistance and scepticism that cripple team morale and productivity.
  • Need to create high-impact teams where the stakes are immense and the potential for success is unlimited.
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Transformative Learning Outcomes

Embark on a journey to mastery over team dynamics and emerge with:

A Visionary Outlook: Gain revolutionary insights into team interactions that transcend traditional problem-solving.

Beyond Blame: Adopt a transformative approach to understanding and evolving team behaviours that moves past fault-finding.

A Toolkit for Change: Acquire a comprehensive set of skills and tools for systemic team development, ensuring you can pinpoint issues and implement impactful solutions.

Confidence in Resolution: Become adept at unravelling complex team issues, setting the stage for breakthrough achievements.

Post-Course capabilities

After completing this course, you will confidently:

  1. Foster Unity: Cultivate a sense of shared identity in teams that bolsters commitment and drives performance.
  2. Masterfully Guide: Utilise an array of exercises and tools to help teams construct a resilient TRIBE framework.
  3. Facilitate with Impact: Conduct powerful workshops and discussions that lay a strong foundation for superior team functioning.
  4. Contract for Success: Build beneficial agreements with leaders and team members, ensuring unified efforts and smoother cooperation.
  5. Transform Team Dynamics: Direct teams towards meaningful, long-lasting evolution.
  6. Apply Science with Simplicity: Confidently apply a research-backed, yet accessible and practical methodology to any team setting.

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