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Humans have a deep seated need to belong, we crave togetherness, and
we thrive when connected.

Today the most important challenge for any organisation is to create teams with the belonging, togetherness, and connection that drives sustainable success.

Shared team identity is the psychological mechanism that makes people feel belonging, togetherness, and connection.

TRIBE is the only peer-review research based, and proven protocol for creating shared team identity.

Attend the TRIBE facilitator training to learn how to do this.

New dates 3rd/4th June

Improve performance

If you think this is just a “soft” nice to have, think again because facts are against you. Here’s just three pieces of evidence:

  1. A McKinsey study of people leaving their jobs in 2022 found that 51% did so to search for an employer who made them feel that they belong.
  2. Research of 1,789 full-time employees across a diverse set of industries by BetterUp found that employees who feel a strong sense of belonging demonstrate a 50% reduction in turnover risk, a 56% increase in performance, and a 75% decrease in employee sick days.
  3. Our own published research with Sussex University of 52 sports teams from 3 nations found that those with strong shared identities win 53% more than those without.

There are many more research examples of the positive impact in a post-pandemic world of building teams, departments and organisations around belonging, togetherness, and connection. 

TRIBE is the only research derived “Belonging Protocol” that uses fundamental psychological theory and neuroscience to guide the facilitation process. 

TRIBE is the only team development protocol built from the ground up to develop shared identity to increase belonging, togetherness and connections. 

Real-world Success Stories

Business Impact

More than 30 organisations across 30 countries have seen the transformative power of TRIBE, and 100% asked us back to work with more teams.

Military Excellence

For more a decade, we have run the high-performance teams training for senior British military officers, including elite forces and security services. We have used TRIBE to facilitate the development of many of the most senior teams in the Army, Royal Navy & Royal Air Force, particularly those operating in complex inter-service international environments. 

Sports Triumphs

Our track record speaks for itself – every sports team that has adopted TRIBE has clinched a trophy or medal that season. This spans, cricket, rugby, the Olympics, motorsport and the Paralympics. We are proud to be working again with the GB Wheelchair Rugby Team in preparation for the Paris Paralympics 2024.

What it is like when you are trained?

Here’s some feedback from recent participants:

“I would thoroughly recommend it – though not too keen to give some of my competitors such powerful tools!” ScaleUp Leader.

“Some of the best training I have been on – your stories and practical application brought it to life. Thank you Jeremy. Cannot wait to put this into action” Exec coach & trainer.

“I was looking for a course that would provide me with practical exercises, as I was going through the course I was thinking how I could apply some aspects to some teams and then the whole program to others. I am looking forward to delivering this in person.” Accredited Performance Psychologist.

With TRIBE, you don’t just facilitate – you make a measurable difference. This is your chance to:

  • Increase your impact: Go beyond “entertrainment”; create sessions that leave a lasting mark on team dynamics, emotional connectedness, commitment and performance.
  • Boost your confidence: Arm yourself with a methodology that’s not just theoretical fluff – it’s proven to work in the trenches where it matters.
  • Deliver real value: Demonstrate unmistakable value to your clients, giving them every reason to see you as an investment, not an expense.
  • Command higher fees: When you offer a service that consistently delivers results, you set the standard – and the price.
  • Join a community: once trained you will belong to a community of facilitators where you will find, support, challenge, and connection. Together we are changing teams, one by one. 

Do the teams you work with need TRIBE?

This is for you if you:

  • Facilitate teams trapped in the quicksand of stagnation, where progress is a rare commodity.
  • Engage with teams caught in a repeating loop of challenges that throttle their growth and success.
  • Mediate in environments where conflict and politics overshadow goals and collaboration.
  • Seek to disrupt harmful patterns of resistance and scepticism that cripple team morale and productivity.
  • Need to create high-impact teams where the stakes are high and the potential for success is unlimited.

TRIBE has proved itself in many different contexts.

  • Leadership teams of multinational organisations.
  • Medical teams of physicians, nurses and other health care professionals.
  • Academic teams of professors & academics.
  • Teams of builders and construction workers.
  • Military teams of soldiers, aircrew and sailors.
  • Technology teams in IT.
  • Customer service teams.
  • Charity works.
  • Classes of year 3 school children.

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