What makes us tick?

We help organisations whose performance could be improved if teams were more aligned, committed, effective and resilient. Our clients understand that all their efforts to hire good people and train them well, are undermined if fundamental team processes and relationships are not functioning well. We work mostly with large or expanding organisations, the military and sports teams that are struggling to achieve the levels of performance they want through conventional individually focused interventions. If, like them, you have a thirst for success get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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Our story

Traditions: our golden thread

Always learning

Igniting Team Success Since 1998. Originally Paradigm Psychology Ltd, we rebranded in 2005 to better mirror our commitment to solving the complexities of team dynamics. Understanding that the key to organisational triumph lies in cohesive team play, we’ve honed our expertise in two pivotal areas:

1. Masters of Team Dynamics: We get it – being part of a team can be like a hall of mirrors for behaviour. The old-school focus on individual roles falls short. We dive deeper. At Centre for Team Excellence, we decode the psychology of teams, because knowing the collective mind is the game changer for team success. We’re not just about what makes each player tick; we’re about how the team ticks together.

2. Architects of Impactful Learning: Ever sat through a training session and left feeling unchanged? We’re different. Our clients rave about our knack for making learning stick. We toss out the yawn-inducing lectures and bring in hands-on, emotionally engaging, and experimental learning. We’re not just about theories; we’re about transforming those “aha” moments into real-world action. Join us. Transform your team from good to exceptional.

Relevance: our mission

To Make Teams Great

Our purpose is to apply knowledge and insights about advances in leadership and team psychology to help teams and their leaders thrive, smile and feel proud.

Road to success

Identity: our edge


Our pioneering spirit defines us. We constantly strive to lead the way, to push boundaries, to be courageous, and to march forward boldly. We set the pace, raising the bar, and never settling for complacency. We acknowledge that innovation entails risk, but we firmly believe it’s far better to attempt and stumble than to never try at all. We are at our best working with leaders and teams who are up for the challenge.

Belonging: our compass

Authentic – Collaborative - Fun


We are true to ourselves and who we are; always learning, pioneering, collaborative.


We work as a team encouraging everyone to use their strengths so that together we can be known and admired for our expertise, service, and high standards. To collaborate effectively we expect respect, openness, and discipline.


Performance is a serious business, but we want to enjoy work and believe we work best when smiling. We try to balance the important areas of our lives and encourage laughter and humour at work and not to take ourselves too seriously.


Effectiveness: our strength


At our best we are disciplined. We wish to be known and admired for our expertise, service, and high standards and to build a reputation for our work ethic and integrity. We strive to maintain and update our skills and expertise and to apply these with professionalism and discipline.

Discipline helps us to treat each other, our clients and all individuals with respect and show due regard for their feelings. Equally, it helps us to earn the respect of others, and build our own self-respect. With discipline wee endeavour to be good colleagues; open, frank, and communicative with each other as well as receptive to new ideas, feedback, and opinion.